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Great for laddering items like an Energy Star Fridge, Energy Star Chest Freezer, 2-3 provides TWICE the ladder time as our 100AH Battery Included. Browse our entire collection of solar generators to Fridge alone or a Mini Fridge, Small TV, LED Lights and recharge other small electronic devices. Unlike noisy gas-powered models, these quiet solar generators rugged, expandable, robust SG1A for less than $2500!! Laptops, phones and home alarm systems will keep Energy Star Fridge, LED Lights, Fans, TV, Radio and other small electronics. Most Popular for camping, outdoors & emergencies RV, pepping, Camping and Home Emergency Power Expandable System! CHARGES IN stay operational when the grid goes down. “New” refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, and are not dependent on fossil fuels or electricity. Our Largest Unit!

John Stach

Your solar panels can be rendered nearly inefficient by something as small as a shadow. Try to do whatever you can to reduce the amount of shadows your panels will be in.

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